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We Operating parts: Caterpillar, Mitsubishi, Volvo, liebherr,John Deere, Isuzu, Cummins,,Komatsu , Doosan , Yanmar , Kubota, Perkins, Deutz ,Hino , Nissan,Hitachi, Kobelco, Kato, Hyundai, Daewoo,CASE,JCB,CTP,IHI,RIK Bosch, Denso, Zexel ,,Kawasaki, Rexroth, Eaton, Kayaba, Nachi ,Toshiba, Nabtesco, brand parts Engine parts ,If you have any questions, please contact us.
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Our company was founded in Tianhe District, Guangzhou on May 8, 2003
We specialize in Gen Set Engine, Reman Engine, Engine Industrial ,Gas Engine, Industrial Engine, Locomotive Engine, Vehicular Engine, Engine Machine, Engine Truck, Combat Vehicle Engine, Truck Engine, Mining Excavator, Marine Engine, Petroleum Engine, Petroleum Gen Set, Generator Set ,Construction machinery, mechanical parts, Excavator parts,Engine parts.spare If you have any questions, please contact us.
Mass production of parts
Engine parts, Excavator parts, Made in China, Caterpillar parts,  Engine assembly,  Cat Copy , Diesel engines, Cylinder Head, Liner Kits, Cylinder Block, Piston set , Crankshaft,  Full Gasket Kit,  Overhaul Kit,  Liner sets ,Connecting Rod ,Turbo, Cylinder Liner , Body Piston , Piston Ring, Main Bearing , Conrod Bearing ,Rebuild Kit , Intake  Valve,  Exhaust Valve, Valve Seat, Valve Guide, Cylinder Gasket,  Head Gasket,  Oil Nozzle ,  Fuel Injector,  Fuel Pump  ,Diesel  Pump , Camshaft ,Turbocharger,  Oil Pump , Pump Water,  Alternator , Starting Motor , Rocker Arm ,Push rod , Injector Sleves,  Oil Filter ,Fuel Filter , Air Filter, Tensioner , Fly wheel housing ,  Fan Belt ,  Pan Oil  ,V-Belt , Radiator,If you have any questions, please contact us.
                               Caterpillar series engine model
C0.5,C0.7,C1.1,C1.5,C1.7,C2.2,C3.3,C3.4,C3.4B,C4.2,C4.4,C4.4B,C6.4,C6.6,C7,C7.1,C8.7,C9,C9.2B,C9.3,C9.3B,C10,C-10,C11,C12,C-12,C12.9,C13,C15,C-15,C16,C-16,C18,C-18,C27,C30,C32 3003,3011C,3013,3014,3024,3024C,3034,3044C,3046,3054,3054B,3054C,3054E,3056,3056E,3064,3066,3114,3116,3126,3126B,3126E,3145,3150,3160,3176,3176B,3176C,3181,3192,3196,3204,3208,3304,3304B,3306,3306B,3406,3406B,3406C,3406E,3408,3408B,3408C,3408E,3412,3412C,3412D,3412E,3456,3508,3508B,3508C,3512,3512B,3512C,3516,3516B,3524B,3608,3612,3616,3618,G3304,G3304B,G3306,G3306B,G3406,G3408,G3408B,G3408C,G3412,G3412C,G3508,G3508B,G3508J,G3512,G3512B,G3512E,G3512H,G3512J,G3516,G3516B,G3516C,G3516E,G3516E,G3516H,G3520,G3520B,G3520C,G3520E,G3520H,G3520J,G3532,G3608,G3612,G3616
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